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a bit about me...

I grew up in Ames, IA, and now live in Berlin, Germany. I studied audio engineering and production at the McNally Smith School of Music while teaching myself video production. Before moving to Berlin I was working on motion pictures for the film industry, teaching seminars and workshops, and working on my own films and music. After developing curricula and teaching film and audio production at the New Mexico Academy for the Media Arts (formerly MACCS)  in Albuquerque, New Mexico, I moved to Berlin to further pursue my interests in audio and video.


I've since worked in numerous fields including commercials, music videos, feature films, education, podcasts, start-ups, apps, and more. I also led the video team at Blinkist and was the co-founder of Wander, an immersive audio startup. My work has been featured on MTV, Canal+, IFC, SilverDocs Film Festival, Current TV, Vimeo Staff Picks, Wired Magazine, and more.

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